Columbus discovered the new world......

I discovered a new hairdo!!
 This is Avery, and while I was trying something else, it went wrong, and I discovered this.
I love it---if it passes the 8 hour test, this "do" will be going to church on Sunday.
 Her hair has the perfect amount of texture to hold styles that slip out of Emmi's silky black hair.
Poor Jenna is stillllll growing hers, and we can't do much with it.
We were just playing after bathtime, otherwise I would have been neater where I picked up each section of hair.

                                                                   Isn't she beautiful!!
                                          Have I mentioned I love my library?!?!  Got these 10  "I can read" type books today, and a DVD for $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--but wait!
 HOOKED ON MATH, 5 complete sets from the beginning through division...$2 EACH!!!!!
                                         Not the $100's they would have cost if purchased elsewhere.
 We have always been perfectly happy with ABeka math in the early years.  But these kiddos need extra practice drilling the facts into their heads.  SO, this should be perfect.  I figure we can do a page a day with the big 5.  The more advanced ones could use the drilling, and can continue through the whole set.  The newer kids can work through to their comprable level of ABeka, then take it slower from there.  I am pretty excited.
DH chuckled and said these nice boxes, that the sets came in, were worth $2 each...even if I didn't use the math=).

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  1. What a score! I'm speechless. And yes, I agree with your hubby, those boxes are worth $2-easy!