Jenna's birthday

The kids made cards for Jenna.  I was especially impressed with AJ's--on the left, he is 10, but mentally about 5.
 As requested...blue icing with green sprinkles.

 Now everyone has a piggy bank.
 And later in the week..... not one tooth came out, but two!
She is now 8, and just loosing the 2 front teeth.  Waid who is 6, has had his permanant front teeth for months.  I know every kids is different, but is 8 late?  I'm wondering if I should question her age.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jenna!
    She sure is a cutie!
    ...and her teeth are about at the same stage as SY who turned 8 on Sept.20th...supposedly. We did the bone age thing early on and it said she might even be older...LOL!
    Go figure.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful bday! AJ did a great job on the card! I don't know about the tooth thing, but MG was almost 2 years dentally delayed. And I know for sure how old she is! ;)

  3. Matt did not lose teeth until later than the other kids too. James is almost 6 and none of his are even loose. I think every kid is so different. I never lost some of my molars and had to have them pulled when I was a teenager. You just never know.