Beautiful Weather

We have been able to have TWO playdates this week!.....although this picture was at home.
Today, 2 other moms met us at the park.  We had 11 Chinese kids at the park,  0
9 more home grown, and 4 of our kids weren't there.

DH has been out of town the past 2 weeks, and is now home--YIPEE!
I finished this dress.  I had intended on sewing much more whild DH was gone....but didn't,


 Emmi has been borrowing my camera, and building penguin houses.
 Jenna works litterally for hours to do the magnet puzzles.
 Emmi is taking a real interest in cooking lately.  She can chop 10lbs of potatoes without a single complaint.  Meanwhile, my arms go numb from pealing all those potatoes.  We cook 10lb at the time, eat 1/2 that night, and freeze half.....yes, the kids LOVE them.
Last weekend, AJ asked Kristen " where's your daddy"--Kristen said "right there" pointing to DH.
AJ asked the same thing about me.  We realized that AJ did not understand that Kristen and Jake are his siblings too.  With his mental challenges, and the fact that the big kids don't live at home, I guess it's understandable.  I suppose after inital introductions--at which time AJ didn't understand English--we just assumed he understood.  We realized we need to be more purposeful in explaining things to him, that other kids automatically seem to pick up on.

Happy Weekend!

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