ALL my kids home in 1 weekend!!!

This weekend we said goodbye to Doris.......
 and hello to Merv.......yes, Jake names his cars.  He was afraid Doris was not going to last him all the way until he finishes school.  He is on a special program, where his last year of school is free, so he could afford to trade now.  He also got 1k discount for already having a Mercedes in the family!...the dealership counted the van--even though it has a Dodge label.
 Yes, it's rediculously small.  Yes it's funny to see a 6'4" guy, who can bench press 395lbs, driving this tiny car=)
 We joked that if we had time, we'd put it in the back of the van, just to see if it would fit.
 On Sunday, Kristen joined us at church, then at home.  SO, I had all 8 kids together at once!!  What a blessing=)
I think it has been over a year since we were all together at the same time!
 With the timer on the camera, we even managed to get a picture of all 10 of us.  I think this is the only pic of all 10.
 Jake did have to do some school work while home.  Look how neat his writing is--makes a moma proud, and yep, he's left handed.
 After DH being gone 2 weeks in a row, and spending 2 weekends helping Kristen...I was sick last week.  In hindsight, I think it was a milder case of the flu.  So there were too many pajama days, too much lego playing and TV, and not enough school work.
 Emmi's rendition of Kristen's dog Aspen.
We need to get back on track, attitudes and discipline need some special attention. BUT, AJ and Wes have eye surgery tomorrow, so things probably won't get back to normal until next week.
What is "normal" anyway????


  1. How cool to hear that you had the whole family together! Praying for the boys and their surgeries!!

  2. That is one tiny car!

    The picture of all of you is wonderful! What a blessing!

    How did the surgeries go? Was this yesterday or today? Hoping everything went well!

  3. We have had that virus thing, too.
    Same need for routine going on, too.
    Haven't seen "normal" in quite a while...

    Hope the boys' surgeries went well!

  4. The family picture is fabulous! So thankful you were able to have all of your children home at the same time!