Frugal Friday--Cracker Pie

This is quite possibly the cheapest pie ever---aside from dumping pudding into a pie shell--which really doesn't count.
 Ingredients: 15 saltine crackers (the small squares), crumbled
                       1 cup chopped pecans
                       3 egg whites
                       1 cup sugar
                       1t baking powder
                       1t vanilla
I doubled the recipe to make 2 pies.
 Beat egg whites til light and fluffy, add sugar, baking powder, and vanilla.  Stir in crackers and pecans.  Pour into greased pie plate.  bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  Turn off oven, and leave pie in for additional 10 minutes.  Refrigerate after it cools.
Options: top with whipping cream or cool whip, you can also add 12 chopped dates to recipe.
 I'm guessing it cost $3 per pie, maybe not that much=)
 Continuing the Frugal Friday theme; here's what to do with a toilet paper box.
 You'd think they would outgrow this....
 but it was the 8yo who saw it on the porch and asked to color it.
 Then the boys found the girls.  The box was an airplane.
We finished out our school week with a bang today....
 not the big bang.....but God being the light of the world!
 Along with everything else, we made a solar system chart, complete with glitter, slicky paint for Jupiter's red spot, and one planet's ring was made with ground pepper; which the kids thought was funny.
Happy weekend!!

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  1. I think we are super creative with school. I'm hoping to get better at that with Selah, Elijah and Bella - my poor crew now just hit the books and we rarely do fun projects like I did with my first four.