Frugal Friday and Thankful Thursday

Quite possibly the best $8 I've ever spent.  A 4x6 dry-erase marker board!!
Just leaning against the wall now, but soon to be mounted.
It has kept children busy for hours the past 2 days....and just wait until we do some schoolwork on it=)
 After bathtime the other night, I caught Emmi on the steps reading, while the others watched a movie!
 I've been busy preparing for a yard sale tomorrow.  I was all excited about what I was going to buy with the money.  A few things are needed for the school room, and new blankets for the boy's beds.
 Then Thursday, on the way to 1x a month grocery shopping, my van died.
Dead in the road, at school traffic time.  This comes after spending $800 on new brakes and rotars, which we discovered was needed just days before our trip to see Jake.
 The van had to be towed.  DH had ALMOST cancelled his road side-assistance-package with Verizon the day before--but figured with Jake hours away, he would keep it.
 The van has a Mercedes engine, drive train, etc.  Which means only Mercedes place will work on it.
Found out today it will be $924.  So, we will have spent $1724 on it in just a few weeks time--there goes the savings account.                                           
 BUT--here's where Thankful Thursday comes in....... We were not stranded on our trip, some very isolated roads lay (lie?) between here and Pensacola.  I am thankful that DH was home with the kids, and I did not have 6 hot and impatient kids with me.  I am thankful that I was not downtown for Dr appts, or in the rain that we've had almost every day since the hurricane. 
And thankful, I guess, that I will have yard sale proceeds to contribute to the van repair expenses.


  1. Oh, man...what a bummer about your van! I hate having to spend money that way. Argh.

    Love the dry-erase board! So fun!!

    Good luck at your yard sale! I say you should double your prices on everything to make up for your losses this week! Ha!

  2. Oh me, Abbie would LOVE a white board like that!

    So sorry about your van. That is the most discouraging thing-cars that need work!

    Your yard sale stuff looks awesome though. Whoever comes upon it is going to get some great stuff!

  3. Rats!
    I wish I had spent more time on the computer recently!
    I need a pair of red shoes for SY...any of those that are left if a size 13...I want them!
    Crazy busy here.
    No time for anything.

    Sorry about your van...btdt.