My loooong awaited den!!

As most of you know, my original decorating funds went towards Wes's adoption....then Waid's.....
and Jenna and AJ.
No complaints there, just stating the facts.
I love it, and it was worth waiting for=), (along with the treasures I got while waiting).
                                         Above----remember, there used to be a fireplace here.

                                            Lest you think my pig is about "when pigs fly"....
                  his tag says "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Phil 4:13"

 Many of you may recognize the buildings in the pictures below.  They are of buildings on Shamain Island.  During the last 3 trips to China, I knew I wanted pictures to frame and put in the den.  We went through probably 100 pictures.  For various reasons, these were the winners.  Many good photos had alot of red in them---of course---.  Since I had red in my den for the past 3 houses, and 12 years, I chose not to use them.   Budget friendly hint....I got these frames with triple matting for $20 on sale at Kirklands, with some ugly art in them.  I pulled them apart, and put in my photos....custom framing would have been about $100.  The got my photos blown up for $3 each at Sam's.
 Speaking of the 12 years.  I'm very frugal about alot of things.....but I do believe that when it comes to furniture, you get what you pay for.  My last sofa was a Clayton Marcus, and I sold it for $100=).
The new ones are King Hickory, which is supposed to be even better.  The print pillow fabric is from Rowe/Robin Bruce.  I purchased it seperately and sent it to King Hickory to make the pillows.  I hope to get at least 12 years out of these sofas!
Yes, thank you, I know I could win design star.....but I have 6 kids to raise----obviously a higher calling.


  1. It’s beautiful. I love the colors that you chose. And I love hearing about the frugal picture frame ideas!!!

  2. I absolutely love it! You've got great style, friend!

    And I'm with you...when it comes to furniture, you really do have to spend some money if you want it to last.


  3. I love the colors! Very relaxing and pretty. Can I come sit it in and relax? :)

  4. OMW Janet! it looks incredible, you and David did a fantastic job!

  5. Your space is absolutely beautiful and the pictures from Shamain Island made my heart skip a beat!

    Amy P.