I'm posting because I'm too exhausted to do anything else.  I have 30 minutes before bath/bed time, and I am not getting up until then=)
So I just thought I'd give you all a run down of the last 2 days.
Yesterday DH started on the fence.  I did a few loads of laundry, picked up a bit, then took Wes to get his MRI.  DH discovered that digging post holes was alot harder than it was the last time he did it.....like 20 years ago, and he was dealing with 5 kids.  So on the way home from the hospital, I stopped to rent an auger. Oh- I did get 1 row of smocking done while at the hospital.
Then I swung by a store that had mile 2 for $5, that day only.  When I got back home, we put the auger to work digging post holes, until we couldn't do anymore, and set some posts in concreete. 
This morning, we got up with the sun, to finish digging postholes before the kids got up (24 total).  Then I got a shower, and went to do the once a month groceries at Aldi----because if this is not done within a day or 2 of the schedule, everything gets messed up----and because DH was home so I could go alone.
The sofa's were supposed to be delivered at 12:00, but they called wanted to come at 10:30 because rain was coming.
++Sneak peak shown above++  still have painting to do+++
Then, DH fed the kids, while I went on the once a month WM trip...to get the things ALdi does not have.  The rain had come, and DH could not work on the fence.  While at WM, I got to visit with my friend Rebekah.
DH met me at the door, leaving to return the rented auger.  Jenna was supposed to go to piano at 3, but the teacher had a dental emergency.  SO, I actually got to put away all those groceries by the time DH returned.
Then, we hung the boards on about 45 feet of fence. That is actual humidity you see in the picture below.
Heated up supper, and now have/had 30 min. to tell you about my day. 
  The only person I know who regularly does this much in a day is my friend Wendy, who is constanly canning, gardening, schooling kids, etc.
         What did you do today???????

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  1. Well, its good to know I've got everyone fooled... :)

    Yesterday was a somewhat busy crazy day-that's for sure. I had James at the dentist at 8 to get a tooth pulled, made jalapeno jelly, went to the Piggly Wiggly, helped Abbie with a cake to earn her Cake Decorating Badge, took my father-in-law to the hospital twice, tried to break into my in-laws house bc they locked themselves out, and then met with the roofer to pick out the shingles for the new roof. Needless to say, we had cereal and sandwiches last night for supper.

    Your fence looks great and isn't this humidity terrible!!!!!!!