Boy, am I behind

AJ had a birthday, his paperwork says he's 10---whatever.
 He knew exactly what to do, since it's our 5th birthday in as many weeks......and no, the game is not all he got.....even I am not that cheap=).
 We did so well a couple of weeks ago, staying on schedule with school and housework.  Then I decide to tackle a project.....and now everything is a mess, and there are about 8 loads of laundry to do.
 See the basket, bucket, pillow and ladder?  These were my baracade items, as I painted trim to the bath (on left), bedroom, and closet doors.  Can you believe that not ONE, but THREE children tried to get through to use the bathroom.  I hate to judge a nation based on a few people, but the Asians in these parts are greatly lacking in common sense.
 YIPPEEE!!  Remember my sewing machine dilema?  The "tune up" cost was going to be $65!!!
I took the machine in.  The lady told me to take my bobbin out, and that they didn't need the cord, etc., and was filling out a form as to what the machine was doing wrong.  She looked at the bobbin on the counter, and asked me if it was the one I had been using.  Then, she told me that it was the wrong size bobbin, and that was the problem!!  I used to have multiple machines, therefor multiple sized bobbins.  Amazingly, the difference in size is only millimeters, but she spotted the problem.  It was refreshing that she was HONEST, when she could have taken my $65!!!!!!!!!!!--If my local friends are wondering, it was Paula at Sew Biz; they are always very helpful.
 After many hours at various home improvement stores, with very unhappy children, we FINALLY have found and ordered the new front door, which I will be sure to post about in a few weeks when it arrives.  Apparently the builder of this house got a good deal on the front door because it was an odd size.  We found the style door we wanted at many places, but could not find the correct size.
 You see the blue back there?? and below??  That part of the den is finally done, I have 3 walls to paint a camel color now....so progress is being made, and my furniture should be here in the next week or two.
Emmi wanted to show everyone that she has made clothes for miss kitty, out of scraps from the sewing room....I cut out 3 new dresses to work on.
 Wes started his daily growth hormone shots on Friday.  When the nurse arrived--to teach me how to give the shots--he was pitching a fit!!  But he did not cry when the shot was given, nor has he cried or even complained about the shots everyday since.  He will have to take the Rx everyday until he is grown.
Lastly--here's what I did at naptime today.  I cut my hair about 1/2 of the time.  I have cut DH's hair for the past 25 years.  Jake had never gotten a haircut from anyone but me, until he went to college.  I cut all the little people's hair too.

Tomorrow DH starts on privacy fencing.  He is off 2 days.  I have no idea how long it will take, or how much will get done in the 2 days.  We have only bought wood for one area--about 1/3 of the total .  We hope to work on it gradually, and have the whole back yard done eventually.....it currently has chain-link fencing.
Stay tuned for Frugal Friday!!

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  1. Janet, you amaze me.
    Where do you find the time?