The rest of the week....

As DH worked off of night shift Friday morning, I had to leave with AJ, for 24 hour seizure testing at Children's.  It was very uneventful and boring.  I did get some smocking done though.  But it will probably sit in my smocking bag for a while before I get back to it.

 Waid drew not 1, but 2 pictures today....that actually looked like what he told me they were.  The one he is holding is my car at the bottom (1 blue wheel, 1 orange), daddy's car by his hand on the left, and Waid, in blue, by his other hand.  Yes, Waid is 6 1/2, but this is quite an accomplishment for him. 
 Waid's airplane, complete with people in the windows.  I will always remember his 1st sentence, that made sense.  It was on the way back from China in Dec. and he was watching Mickey on the TV.
He turned to me and said "Mommy, Mickey Mouse is funny!"  He articulates wonderfully, he is the most understood child in the house, but he doesn't make sense very often, but is getting better.
Alot of the time he puts random words together that don't make sense.  He has mastered his ABC's but can rarely get the "P says pppp" right.
Here are my little mermaids earlier today.  Avery's swimsuit is a 3T, 37 lbs and she will be 7 on Thursday.....tiny but fierce=).


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy summer already! Is everything finished with the house? So glad to hear you received your refund! I hope ours comes soon. We did have to send in "further evidence." :(

    I see yall have been staying cool in the water. That's what we did Saturday, but we didn't have time today. (Hasn't been as hot today , though, anyway.)

    I love reading and catching up!

  2. Janet,
    SY will be 8 in Sept. and she couldn't draw a picture half as good as Waid's. Despite the fact that we did the Handwriting Without Tears program with mat man and all that AND that we have worked and worked on writing and drawing, she still can barely make a stick figure person and her "houses" "cars" and such don't remotely resemble what they are supposed to be. Her coloring is even worse! It looks like something a 3 year old would do. At the same time, she is finishing Saxon Math 1 and reading words like sandwich, never, mustard, jacket, basket, zipping...

    I really don't get it. "Swiss cheese brain" I guess?

    Hope ya'll are staying cool!