Happy Birthday Jake

My itty bitty 10 pound, 23"long baby is 19 today.
                                                          Wasn't he a beautiful baby=)
                                                That white hair, and blue eyes...precious.
                                                  He has always been so sweet and caring.
           Except that time he pushed his sister down the front steps of the church, when he was 5.
 He is considerate, and giving, never has been greedy with his posessions or money.
                                 And yes, my pictures are pictures of pictures....stop laughing.
                                   It's the best I can do when Mr. Computer is not around.
He and his roomate went to Lamberts, (home of the trowed rolls) on us, Saturday night.
He is working today.....40 hours a week at AB*ka customer service.....to pay his tuition; because he never felt like it was our job to pay for his school.  What a guy of character!!
Jake is 1/2 way through his Junior year (he started college spring semester at age 16.5), majoring in Criminal Justice.


  1. Happy birthday to Jake!!!

  2. Awww, he was an adorable baby!

  3. Happy Birthday Jake! From the little time we spent with you, Dale and I saw your true character. You've got a great future ahead of you.