Great new product we discovered

My girls are outgrowing the hairbows made from ribbons--or so they think, so I've had my eyes open for options.
 We ran across the Lilla Rose flexi-clip on a friends blog.  I was hesitant, they aren't cheap.
But I could just as well spend $15 on hair stuff at WM, and get home to find none of them worked on Chinese hair.  So I decided to try these.    They are so wonderful, I wanted to share.
**I get nothing for "advertising" these.  But maybe Meghan will feel sorry that I missed out on the sale, and she'll send me something----so please let her know you heard about Lilla Rose from me=)**
Above, is the flexi-mini, holding just the center part of Avery's hair.
                                I love that the straight piece is attached, so it can't be lost.
                                               The french twist takes a Small for Avery. 
                                      She loves it!!! and has asked to wear it almost every day.

Jenna's hair is not long enough to be put up, but she can wear the mini, with just the center of her hair pulled back.    Emmi can also wear the mini, but needs a XS for a french twist, because her hair is more slippery than Avery's.
Shown here with a flash drive, to give you an idea of size, these are the mini, and small.

Through the end of the month, you can get one free when you (as a new customer) buy 3, so here's the link:     Lilla Rose  We hope you love them too=)

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  1. I have one Lilla Rose clip and I love it. I also love that it is all one piece!