What I dream of......

A white sofa.

My reality.....what I ordered today, brown sofas.

That is not the actual sofa, but here's the actual fabric.

With a set of these pillows, a set of happy green ones, and an off white lumbar pillow.
After waiting 2.5 years, I now have to wait another month for my fabric to be put on my selected frames.  But that's ok.  I still have not repaired the spot where the fireplace used to be, and painted.
So that is the other big purchase I was talking about--Jen guessed correctly.

Today's funny:  Jenna was eating slowly at supper, another child commented that she was slow.
She said she was slow like a turtle.  I was surprised she knew that, and asked her how she knew a turtle was slow.  She said " I used my pretty, pretty head".

Everyone was playing quietly this evening, which is unusual, because Waid likes to stir things up.
He came to me and said he was cold.  All the kids have sore throats and runny noses.  I guess because it's 100 degrees, and dry outside---the dry part is very unusual for us here in the (normally) humid south.  Waid didn't feel hot, but I took his temp......103 degrees!!!!!
At least he is not causing trouble among the herd, and is quite snuggly=)

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  1. I hope your kids feel better! It is hot where we live too and it is not fun, but to have a fever on top of that - YUCK! I followed you over from my own blog where you had left a couple of comments. Thank you for drawing my attention to your blog! I am now following you and looking forward to reading more!

    Lindsey @ www.roadto31.blogspot.com