Girls and their shoes

I have a thing for shoes, not my shoes mind you, but little girl shoes.
I buy lots of them in China.  Lots of them at consignment sales, yard sales, and thrift stores.
It is really nice to be able to "shop" from the closet, when THREE people tell you on a Sunday morning "my shoes hurt".  (ButI still wish they would tell me the week before.)
These are the 9 pairs of shoes that Jenna has outgrown  since Feb.  Now her foot is just about the same size as Emmi's.  Although I prefer the trickle-down effect of hand-me-downs; I guess sharing the same size is good too.

However, Avery's foot grows very slowly, and her hand-me downs are piling up....waiting for her feet to grow.

In other news...Avery hit her mouth on the scooter handlebar today.  I bled just a little, she didn't even cry.  But it worries me,with her having almost $100,000 worth of surgeries on that precious little head. .  The tooth that was bleeding is right where her bone graft was done a couple of months ago.  I will be calling the Dr. to see if an X-ray is in order.   I think it is fine.....but don't want to get to the next surgery and be told " this was cracked, you should have come in when it happened, now we have to.......".
Tommorrow is our 6 month post=placement visit......Don't even get me started on how rediculous it is that we have to follow up for 5 years!  And no, I am not even cleaning house for them this time;).


  1. Hey,
    I love little girl shoes and big girl shoes also. Your daughters are precious.

  2. Don't clean the house!!!!!
    You are Super Mom whether the house is clean or not!

  3. I hear you about the post placement visits! Does China really check it? Our girls feet grow like weeds. Luckily they don't mind hand-me-downs. Pray Avery is okay.