All around catch up

We had a terrible week last week--not gonna lie.  I will post later on a specific event/subject, but right now I want to give general updates..haven't done that in a while.
Starting with Jenna--since she's in the pic.
She's is such a people pleaser.  Even when scolded, she replies "ok", and remains her happy self.
She is soaring through her schoolwork, and is reading 3 letter words.  She does not have to drill new things over and over, she gets it the 1st time.
On the piano, she has "picked out" Jesus loves me, a little piece of a classical song she heard on Little Einstein, and Are You Washed In the Blood; which she only heard at church 1 time.
*Avery's mouth is fine, after her bump.  She is a few weeks into her 2nd grade books.  Pretty amazing, since she is only 6, and the school system wanted to put her in non-integrated special ed.  She is my best reader!  Definately my sweetest child (besides Jake).
*Wes is turning 8 next week, and does the same schoolwork as Avery, but has a little more trouble. He has been home 2 years and still has problems with language/vocabulary.  He is great with clocks and money, but has trouble applying the facts; like in word problems.  He "failed" all of his endocrinology tests, and will soon be getting daily growth hormone injections.  He has worn a 4T since we got him, and our 7yo, and two 6yo kids are taller than he is.
*Waid keeps us laughing.  He is trying to learn how to properly use his cane, but he has about a 5 second attention span.  He has been home almost 2 years.  Educational progress with him will be slllllooooooowwwwwww, and we do not know how much he will be able to learn long term.  Right now, he knows ABC's and most of their sounds.
*AJ has seizure testing next Friday.  He does well in the k5 math book, but struggles witht he k4 language.  Right now he is trying to learn all the letter sounds.   He loves puzzles and coloring.  He is fantastic at building with Lego's.  Last week after seeing a garbage truck, he built one, complete with moving arm!  His brain disorder causes him alot of problems with coordination and strength.  As with Waid, we do not know what level of education he is capable of.  The neurologist said he "might" be able to live independantly as an adult, with some checks/balances in place to help him.
*Emmi is Emmi.  Going 90 miles an hour most of the time.  She is over 1/2 way through with her 2nd grade books.  She is great on the I pad.  She and Wes know all of the states, just by looking at the shape, and know where they all go on the map (stack the states I pad game is awesome!).  They are both starting to learn the countries.

We had a great 1st week with out My Father's World curriculum.  All of us gather around the table and do it together, then go to individual desks/areas, afterwards for workbooks, 1 on 1 time with me, etc. 
All of these kids are so different and special in their own ways,  I am thankful to be their mom, and be home with them.
We are having dirt, pea gravel, and retaining wall caps delivered today.....hoping the front retaining wall to the pool will be DONE by Friday evening.  The bucket brigade will be at it again=)
With those deliveries, workers in the back yard, and the speech therapist here for 2 hours, we are only doing a few workbook pages today=)

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  1. Sorry you had such a tough week. You do have your hands full with all their schoolwork, but what a wonderful thing to have your hands full with! I always want my hands to be full of helping and loving children. You are doing a great work Janet.