Last week...

DH had to work nightshift.  But we got alot done, including 5 full days of schoolwork!!
Today we......

Worked on 1 of our many projects.  We had to move support beams on the porch, so we can build a "bridge" and walk right out to the sidewalk (that is not there yet).  The old beam was right in the middle.  We replaced the other beams too, there were many nail holes, etc. from when this used to be a screened porch.

An there was a narrow set of steps to the patio.  Which we are replacing  with wider ones; when finished, they will match the ones shown on the other side....except not as wide.  We will put a new handrail on the left, with iron spindles.

The house is almost all white now, and the painter should be finished next week---YAY---something finished.
Then the gutter guy can put up the new gutters.
We also have new iron front stair rails being made, and a new post and corbels for the front porch.
New shutters and front door will be ordered soon.
It is very exciting to finally get all this done.  The ideas have been floating around in my  head about 3 years now.

And the 14 pallates of Geostone retaining blocks will cover up all the dirt and mud.
Hopefully this will get done next week also.

Hope you had a productive week too=)

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