Blind people can't do anything

Except change the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blind China activist makes mystery 'escape' Chen exposed forced abortions and sterilizations in rural villages, that have occured due to the 1-child policy.  He is a lawyer....and is Blind!
Sometimes I can see the pity on people's faces when I tell them that, most likely, Waid will be totally blind by adulthood.  Sometimes they say "I'm sorry".  WHY?

"Who hath made man's mouth?  or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind?  have not I the Lord?"  Exodus 4:11


  1. Okay, I must be out of it! I just noticed the name change on your blog. You are so right on with this post!!! I can't wait to watch what the Lord does with your precious crew.
    Trina S.