Interior Design....

Of the wrong kind.   My little designer does not have a college degree, portfolio, or decorator showhouse under her belt.
I suppose we are fortunate to have 8 kids and over 20 years raising them, and that this has never happened before.
It is no small stain, about 4 foot long...on the den cieling.  Had I been outside, or lots of noise had been going on at the moment.........I can only imagine how bad it could be.
Another budding designer was caught putting a sticker on furniture today.....and it did not even go with the color scheme of the room.

                And when Mama is too tired to care...................Wes gets to play with my hair.
 We made a new chore chart this week, and have put it into action..  Pictures of the actual job on one side, on the revers; happy stickers for our viewing pleasure, after the job is complete.
I was a challenge to find chores for everyone, because of different mental and visual abilities.  You might call some of them "busy work", but it is good training.  Everyone needs responsability, and to be held accountable for it.
No, we do not pay for chores; it is everyones duty to be of service to the family, and keep the household running.
Tomorrow is Friday!, and Waid gets his new glasses.

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