No fun here

Avery is doing pretty well, I am very thankful for that. But ToTo, we aren.t in Kansas anymore---meaning, we are not at Children,s anymore. I am sure you notice my crazy punctuation.....because we could not get Internet on my laptop, so I am having to use the crazy I.pad, that I can barely work.
It took 2 hours for Avery to get apple juice that we asked for as soon as we arrived in her room. Even worse, it took 2 hours to get the pain med (lortab). We found out the pump in her hip is just numbing stuff, not actual pain meds. The ice machine is broken, so no ice packs for her jaw. When DH got here, I went on a search for ice myself. The nurse left her scissors on the bed. When Avery went to potty, the nurse did not plug the IV drip back into the plug. And after Avery "held it" and waited for the nurse to go and get a urine measuring bowl, the nurse failed to measure and record the amount----which of course I was able to tell them how much it was. AND 3 different people have come at Avery with an oral thermometer....each time I had to stop them...shouldn't. They know what the patient is in for?
ok....enough griping, tomorrow is another day, well, not really, because the nurses are on 12 hour shifts, so we get this one almost until bedtime, and then again in the morning=[.
Ok.....really, Avery is doing well and that,s what matters.
I.m assigning you a question to ponder.........adults are required to stay with children in the hospital, of course I would not leave mine anyway. I do not even go past the end of the hallway, unless DH is here. So here.s my question.....WHY do they not allow parents to order meals to be brought to the room with the child.s meal????
I guess it,s just too simple of an idea to comprehend.
The doctor just came in again, and said Avery looks better than the norm....Thank you Lord, and Avery can have ice cream now=)

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  1. oh my goodness do I understand your complaints! Elaina just had open heart surgery and I could write a BOOK of them! She is home and doing AMAZINGLY well! She has a scar about 10 inches long from one side of her ribs to the other. (horizontal incision rather than traditional vertical one) Bless you as you minister do your kiddos!! Holly