I know, I know--

It's been so long.  We are finally doing maintenance on our house that was put off due to adoption.
Let me tell you, deferred maintenance is not a good thing.
I have never liked the dental moulding, so I finally get to take it off--well by "I", I mean DH took it off.

We have discovered rotten wood, as we prepare to paint.

                              We will also be replacing this 25yo, very dry and cracked door.
                                                    Dealing with issues like bossiness.
         These 3 helped me move lots of rocks that would be in the way of  the above ground pool we hope to get soon.  There are alot of bulbs here, I hope I have time to move them.
The girls definately worked circles around the boys.
 More rot, under a bay window=(, this is cutting into our budget fast.
 Of course Emmi is not worried about all that, she's camping/dressing up with all of her animals.
 Ahhh-finally ready to paint.
 This scene doesn't happen often.  The two of them tolerate each other, but rarely enjoy it.
In school news, I thought AJ was doing well learning ABC's, writing them and putting them in order.
UNTIL I discovered he was looking at a chart near his desk.  He can do the puzzles, where the letters are shaped like the hole they go in.  BUT I gave him a sheet with 1/2 of the letters missing, and he could not fill it in.  The few he was able to figure out, he could not write, without his handy-dandy chart nearby=(.  Looks like we're in for alot more work than I originally thought. 
We also found out this week that he has hearing loss.  Lots of wax could be a contributing factor.  We will have to get to an ENT to take care of that.  I am almost sure there is infection too.  The audiologist told me to put peroxide in his ears to loosen the wax.  In one ear, the peroxide fizzes like crazy.
Also, one ear canal is malformed, so we'll have to see what the ENT says about that.
Avery has jaw surgery on Wed.  We are told to expect to be in the hospital til Fri, but Avery usually ends up with a longer stay than usual. Please pray for her...although
 I hope to post again before then.

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  1. Surgery? Yikes! What can I do to help?

    It sounds like you all have so much going on. Call me if you need to vent a little :)