Day 3-4 after surgery

Avery felt good enough Sat morning to go check out the geese----if DH carried her; how could he resist.
The geese were not interested in her bread, so she gave it to a neighbor dog.

They fed another piece to the fish in the lake.

She even felt like swinging.  We are making her be "escorted" by a parent every time she moves around.  With this many kids running around, some of whom just take off running without looking, some of whom can't see well anyway.......we are not risking her mouth or hip getting bumped.

Since Avery's last surgery, I had forgotten how time consuming it is to take care of a patient.
I feed her about every 3 hours.  3/4 cup is probably the most she has eaten at one time.  We're mixing carnation instant breakfast into icecream, the cold feals good on her mouth.  She likes homemade mashed potatoes, we add an "ice cube" of turkey drippings...I always save it to add flavor to beans, etc.  And another thing she is eating....peanut butter balls....sort of.  You know the good old 2c peanut butter, 2c powdered milk, 1c honey?  I take a few balls and smother them in more honey, and stir it all up till it's creamy---who wouldn't like that!
For others embarking on this journey--I would recommend getting a baby spoon.  Avery can't or won't open her mouth very wide.

Yesterday, the other kids worked on their muscles.
                                                    Wes really surprised me with this.
AJ is thrilled that he can make it to the top of the rope.

Jenna is also excited to be able to climb the rope.
Neither of them could get themselves off the ground a month ago.

Remember wagon man from last year?--he strikes again.  This time carrying cement mix up to the playground.  We are FINALLY getting it finished.

Yep, DH is pretty ingenious, he got these kids to take about 20 boards up the hill.

And tools too.
Parts are ordered, and we hope to show you the complete playground later this week!!!!
Today (Sunday) I allowed Emmi to be the "escort" some.  She was very good at it.
Avery is still quite puffy, bruises on  her cheeks are yellowish now.  The inside of her mouth, what we can see of the surgical site has blackish bruising (I guess).  We were instructed not to pull on the lip, trying to look at the site, so we certainly are not.


  1. So glad she is able to get out and enjoy this wonderful weather. I love the last pic of Emmi reading to Avery. Sweet sisters.

  2. So glad to see Avery out enjoying the sunshine! I am taking copious notes, Janet! Quan will have his surgery sometime next year...

  3. poor little girl. she does look like she's being well pampered...good job mom! praying that she healing quickly and completely.

  4. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job taking care of her. I am so glad she is healing and making progress. We have hand surgeries next Wed. Both the boys will be having surgery on both hands. :( So both their hands will be bandaged for 2-3 weeks. . . . . .