Our very busy weekend

Big boy was home, so we put those muscles to work.

Two girls caught being sweet.

DH and Jake put up the main beam and legs for the swing, climbing wall, see-saw, and monkey bars to go on.....although we will be waiting on tax refund money to purchase them with.
I just knew it about killed me and DH to get the other big beam and legs up, and that we better get Jake to do it!

Monkey girl.

She "made" a flower by putting the camilia on a stick and attaching the leaf with a blade of monkey grass.

The one that keeps us in stitches.

My beautiful custom built mantel/fireplace that I have always hated.....because it's massive and takes up an 8' wall, and we never use it.

A couple of hours later.  I have waited 2 years for this!!  Busting up the hearth will certainly take more than 2 hours.........
I'll be buying a  2nd sofa, so we can all sit on furniture in our den...and not in the floor.

Pretty girls in China-bought dresses.
Then we cooked a big dinner, and fed  one of  Jake's friend who was driving back to school from NC.
They ate, and followed each other back to Pensacola. 
FYI--fellow adopters....I sent ALL supporting documents in with our tax return this year.  We'll see if it makes a difference.


  1. Oh my goodness, ya'll have been busy. Thank goodness for big guys with muscles.

  2. Marsha11:13 AM

    do you have room to put the couch in front of the brick hearth, and put a sofa--long table on the bricks. be more flexible if one ever wanted to reverse back to fireplace?
    thanks for your prior medical updates. you are busy!

  3. Wow! Jake has grown into a muscle man like his dad. Your kiddos will have hours of fun playing and exercising. Yeah for more room in the house. What's next in the job/play jar? You guys are amazing.

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    YAY!!! ~Trina