The rest of week 1

Thank you NS for the cool car for me and daddy to put together!!

Lots of Lego action around here.

Thank you NS for my baby!! Yes, that's Wiad's head in the box, he pretended all night that he was on TV.--crazy boy=)

Proof we brought Wes back from China.

Just checking to see if she knew what to do.......YES!!, and she does it just the way I do!!!

He knows too!!!  YAY!!!

Lots of hanging out in PJ's.  One friend who brought supper thought the kids were already bathed and in PJ's for the night-----um, no-----we never got dressed that morning.

Jenna is the 1st kids we got that "came with" anything.  She had a change of clothes, PJ's, and a few little gifts from voluteers at Bethel.  Her clothes are all marked with red yarn.  Many blind people do something like this to identify the back from front, in items that do not have tags. 
I asked the staff-- it was done to know what clothes belonged to which child; but she does use it to find the back of the untagged pj bottoms.

They're everywhere, they're everywhere!!

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  1. Love the pictures!!! Jenna looks great with her baby doll! And Waid cracks me up with his head in the box! AJ will have to play Legos with my boys sometime - they would love that! And your kids are going to have to come and show my kids how to fold...my boys just shove their clean clothes in their dresser.