"My big sister is the best!" by Emmi

Kristen brough tiger tails and ears, and face paint.
Isn't she creative--she had the idea all by herself.

Today is my birthday, and I got to paint Kristen's face.
I am 8!
(Moma no longer has 7 year old "triplets".)

Kristen painted everyone else's face too.

                                                                      Waid is a zebra.

Me and moma usually make my cake, but with all the Dr. appointments, Kristen saved the day!

                                                            My tiger cake.
Blowing out my candles.

I am so excited to get a "robot cat", I have been wanting it for months!

Her name is May, she can walk!


  1. What? You got her a robot cat when you could have had a real live bunny. Especially one that is sitting in my backyard eating up a lot of rabbit pellets and doing me no good whatsoever?????? Just kidding.

    Unless you really want a bunny and then they are precious, adorable, and wonderful.

    Happy Birthday Emmi!!!!

  2. So sweet!! Happy Be-lated bday, Emmi