Beautiful day

Sat was gorgeous, high 70!!--be jealous.

Do ya notice AJ had a haircut?  DH sacrificed his birthday giftcard from his mom, to get new clippers.  The old ones are about 15 years old.  Turns out, the new ones were pathetic, and we went back to the old ones.  We'll be returning the new ones, and try again---maybe at a beauty supply store next time.

Making a cat face on the big rock, with little rocks.

I could not position myself this way if I tried!

DH and I observed, we have 1/2 acre, and all 8 of us were here in 10 sq ft.

Jenna does so well, it's easy to forget she can't see.  It became very evident, with her 1st time in the back yard.  She was a bit down in the dumps about it too.

 I thought all the sunlight would help us get back on track--nope, many of us were up again at 4am, luckily they stay in bed, but still aggravating.  This morning we tried some schoolwork (still not in the schoolroom--it's a wreck anyway).
Both did better than I expected, I'm thinking of starting them in Abeka K.
I think if I put Jenna's work on the CCTV (magnifies it) she will do fine.

 My living room still has piles of stuff everywhere.  Life will kick back into gear, whether we are ready or not, next week.  Appointments begin, groceries to be bought, Jake goes back to school Monday, and DH will go back to work next Sat., sheets to wash, toilets to scrub---what happened to my housekeeper???--oh, yeh, I left that back in China, along with the breakfast bar!

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  1. oh my sweet "freaky clean" bloggy buddy!! This must be driving you bonkers!!!!
    I know how I feel when I first come home from China. OH SO TIRED. Exhausted with all caps! and so weepy and emotional and wondering if I was crazy...again...and the house.....ahhh the house...so clean and orderly. That lasts until we unpack. I HATE to unpack. Stuff everywhere! but too tired to do anything but crawl into bed until 3 or 4am when there is no more sleeping but it's still dark and supposed to be night time! I can't say I'm looking forward to that re-entry period once more! I have so so so many questions I could ask you about schooling visually impaired children and testing their vision, but those can wait. Are you children good little helpers? I have some helpers and some wreckers if you know what I mean ;)
    Hugs to you and wish that AL and NC were much closer together!