This week in our SPARE time...

made my 1st cheesecake.  I bought the ingredients a few weeks ago, and never got around to actually making it.
I bought the pan about 10 years ago, and never got around to using it.
I got the recipe about 20 years ago, when a friend made one for my birthday.....and I've finally made it!

Yes, it was wonderful.  I don't know why people pay an arm and a leg for them at the stores,
it was easy.

Emmi and I made these cute luggage tags with cardstock and the laminator.
And we made charts, one for AJ, one for Jenna.
Since the concept of time is so hard for kids, they can put a sticker on each day that passes, to show when we will get home.
Yes, I AM a genius;).

As of yesterday we still did not have a cost sheet, so I had to cancel our dentist appointments, and Avery's specialist appointment, in anticipation of the cost sheet coming today. 
We got it this morning, reviewed it, and DH wired fees.
I am thankful we were able to wire all the fees, and not have to worry about getting new bills, and carrying alot of cash around.
All of the essentials are done, I feel such relief.
This is the 1st night this week we have not been on the phone/computers for hours getting everything squared away.
Our agency only takes care of the adoption part, and travel, hotels during those days.]
We had to book our stay in Beijing, a guide there, the flights to Shenyang, and the Hong Kong hotel.
SOOOOOO thankful it's all done.


  1. Well, you are officially Super-Woman to me now. I have never made a cheesecake in my life.

    Can't believe you are leaving so soon. I know it doesn't seem like soon to you though! I know you can't wait to hug those babies!

  2. Honestly, Janet, I think you ARE a genius!!
    And an organizer...super Mom...etc.
    Have a great trip!