I was trying to post  some pictures, but they are not working right now.  2 were of a church on Shamian Island.  Not the one we went too (forgot the camera that day).
On Monday when we went back to the island for TB check, I was going back to the church we attended to take pics.  We never made it that far though.  We got side tracked at Jenny's , and the bus left at a certain time.  In Feb 2010, we discovered Jenny sold some really nice Chinese/English Bibles for about $20.  She has NIV and ESV, but did not know what KJV was.  We brought her a KJV and were showing her some differences.   SO I didn't get the church pics, but got to fellowship with a fellow believer.
We checked out a few store, so many less than there were 7 years ago when we 1st came.  Got Kristen what she ordered, got Angie what she ordered, and I splurged on a $30 figurine for myself, that I had been eye-ing the last 2 trips.  (obviously not very authentic, since the store still has it in stock)
Tues--we went to the walking street.  There are several places there that I always go to, and stock up on girls shoes, for about $7 a pair, and cute shirts for about $4.  I guess my kids have finally outgrown "cute" by CHina's standards.  I only got 3 pairs of shoes, 3 boys shirts, and each kid a set of pajamas.  This is the least I've ever bought here.  Everything in their sizes looked like teenager stuff--yuck.  The kids were glad to get McDonalds for lunch.  Funny thing, a cheeseburger was 15rmb, but from 11:00-2:00, you could get a double cheeseburger, large fries, and med drink for 15 rmb--about $2.25.  The worker verified my order several times, she could not believe I needed 8 of the meals.
Tonight we eat PBJ and apples=) in the room

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  1. Oh I love Jenny! She invited us to go to church with her while we were there in 2010 and we did. It was a wonderful experience.

    Prayed for your family this morning!!