Last day in Inner Mongolia, now in Guangzhou

We went to a The Inner Mongolia museum.  It was just great to get out of the hotel room where we could let go of the kids and walk freely.  They had a really great dinosaur exhibit, and many historical exhibits.  I lost count, but at least 10 people asked to have their pictures taken with us.  We are the largest family our guide has ever seen, even with the other families she has helped.  I am sad that it is winter and we were not able to get out and see/learn more.  BUT we were glad to leave for GZ---on a morning when it was 12 BELOW zero!!!!!!!!!!!
The flight was late--as usual--but uneventful.  They fed us and then I made all the kids take a nap=).
Now we are in lovely 69 degree Guangzhou.  The kids had medicals today.  All was well, sort of.  Two Dr's went on and on about AJ's delays, and asked me repeatedly if we were aware of his problems.  Basically, they do not see value in such individuals, and have a tough time understanding why anyone would want them, much less climb such mountains to get them.  They cannot see thru Jesus's eyes, as we do.
Tomorrow we will attempt to go to church, and take the subway back to the hotel.

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  1. Yay for updates!! We were in IM in August and it was HOT and DRY! Did you try any of their milk candies?! Can't wait to see a family photo! You MUST ask another family to get a family shot...I wouldn't recognize you if I met you in person as I've never seen you before!
    How are the colds? all better? It must be crazy and good and long..or is time flying by? So happy for your expanding family! Glory to God in the highest! Holly