Day 2

A friend commented that they were angels, or so it seemed....no.
Overall they have done well.  But the truth is, it is hard, it is our mission field, and we can only make it through with the Lord's help.
With Waid's adoption, I was alone, no one to talk to, was being treated badly (woman with Chinese child--it was assumed I had married in, which is greatly frowned upon), and I became very negative.
Although I was just being honest, I am not proud of my behavior or some of my whining.
SOOOOO, for now, I choose to share mostly just the good stuff.

It is also a challenge to figure out which negative behaviors are due to brain damage,  being institutionalized, the child simply not wanting to cooperate, just plain old bad habbits, etc. 
So I do not want to "complain" about something a child truly cannot help, until we figure out the difference.

Actually both new kids did extremely well today, it was Emmi who had a sleep deprived meltdown, then slep from about 10-12.
Waid and Jenna both were hard to wake after a nap from 1-3, and we had to fight to keep them awake for the following couple of hours.

More skill testing.
AJ enjoyed this, but took it very seriously, and was very meticulous with his scissors.
We have noticed he is coloring with right hand, cutting and using fork with left hand!?
If he's left handed, he will be our 3rd lefty (Avery and Jake).

We don't know how much Jenna could see, but she evidently has not had much experience with scissors, she worked hard and stuck with it though.

Waid rounds out the group in
"preschool" activities.

 Both were very proud of their creations, and their faces lit up when I taped them to the french door.
 The 1st grader's did spelling today.  Only because we bought the spelling books late, and are only on unit 9.  And because after today's worksheet, they can go to the basement alone and do their spelling activities without me, they also do their tests on the I pad--without me.
 Now the new 2 know there is another room downstairs.  DH has them watching a movie to give me a break, and to color my Cruela DeVille streak---priorities ya know.
Jake is home until Monday, and DH home until the 7th.  We have lots of appointments next week.  So thankful for DH's unique job, and 6 weeks off work!


  1. I love your perspective that you are choosing to have. Im sure it isn't easy but I pray loads of blessing, grace and discernment over you and your family. Thanks for such wonderful updates. ~Trina

  2. Praying for you guys in this adjustment period! So impressed with all the organized activities you have going on. I was winging it for days and days, it seemed! (Weeks? Months? LOL)

  3. Jenna has the sweetest smile! I love how your kids will sit and color. Sophie will color some but all my other kids have always hated coloring. I usually just let Jax skip those parts of his schoolwork. My older boys were the same way. Looks like everything is going well.