1st day home

It was 36 hours from bed to bed.  Avery and Jenna slept about 6 hours, the others slept about 4 .....even after nyquil (on the long flight).  Flght form Atlanta--they all konked out, and we had trouble waking them up.
When our wonderful driver-Jared-got us home, Jake had supper on the table----and SWEET TEA!!, thanks guys.

AJ loves his bed, the picture doesn't capture it, but we saw the biggest smile we have seen yet, and his eyes were glowing=)

I was worried about his ability to get in and our safely, and his balance, but DH practiced with him several times and he was fine.

We had the kids in bed at 8, and they all woke up between 4 & 5, I guess 8 hours is pretty good for the 1st night.

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