Will try to catch up soon. These were going to be pics at AJ's home last week, but they won't attach. We actually get him tomorrow 12-12. The nannie's were excited to see Wes again.
This was the day we flew from Tokyo to Beijing.
Avery, Waid, and I have bad colds and congestion. Pray for us please.

:-) Janet
DH David
DD Kristen 19  flew the coop
DS Jake 18  Sophomore at PCC
DS AJ 8  waiting in  Neimengu, China
DD Emmi 7  home from YuanLing, Hunan, China 3-4-05
DS Wes 7  home from ZhengZhou, Henan, China 3-5-10 
DD Jenna 7  waiting in Liaoning, China
DD Avery 6  home from DongGuan City, Guangdong, China 8-25-07
DS Waid 5  home from Tianjin, China 8-27-10

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