slooooooowwww week

The weather has been beautiful here this last week, frost in the mornings, but great just as we finish up school time, and into the afternoon.

Waid has invented his own vacuum cleaner.

Knowing that frosty mornings would soon be the norm, we cleaned out the garage on Saturday.
We've been putting it off since about April--yeh, that bad. 
But since DH refuses to scrape a windshield at 3:30am (wimp), the job had to be tackled.

Please observe the most wonderful thing in "my" side of the garage.
Yes, it's a disc swing!
I am so excited to have this inside, along with the mini-trampoline, to get some energy out of the kids in cold weather. 
And, it's right outside the schoolroom door, I can send them out 1 at a time during school=).
I am hoping this little bit of action will work well for our ADHD kids.
My camera battery died as I was downloading pictures.
I know you will be in agony as you wait for a post about the rest of the week;)


  1. We move our trampoline right next to the porch in the winter...I send them out to jump for 5 minutes when they can't keep focused. It works wonders! A little fresh cold air, a little sunshine, and back to the books!
    We could really use an indoor swing, but we don't have a garage!

  2. Omw...I wish I could WALK in my garage. Love the swing being in there, too cool!

  3. Anonymous1:58 AM

    I wish our garage look like yours. BTW Janet how's about putting dates on your blog. I'd like to know when you got Art. 5 and so forth... Thanks. I'm praying for good news next week. Angie