Uneventful (Thank goodness) rest of the week

DH's trip was uneventful, and I was able to give the whole house a good, thorough, well needed cleaning.
 DH saw something like this on the internet, and thought it was great, not standing up on the table is a   drawback he had complained about.  Wes thinks he helped build this creation.
            I, personally, do not use this form of technology, although I am very thankful for it,
                                   and it's many innexpensive ap's that DH uses with the kids.
                                                        I love this dress, and these shoes. 
                                    Seeing the girls wear dresses that I made, makes me smile.
                                                            Did you do this as a kid?
      I remember doing it at a friends new house, and we rolled over a newly planted baby tree=(.
I am surprised it has taken them this long to discover the joy of rolling down the hill.
And I am glad that I only let them go outside in play clothes.

On the adoption front--Jenna's birthday is Monday.  Her foster home will not tell her that she has a family, or give her the package we sent, until they get official word from CCAA.
As many times as we have done this, you would think I would know exactly when that official paperwork gets to the home/orphanage, but I do not.  We are praying that the home will tell her on Monday--what a birthday that would be!

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