One small step closer.....

Our I-800 was approved on the 12th!!!!  Best I can fugure, our article 5 will be picked up the 1st week in Nov., and we should have travel approval around Thanksgiving!  Please pray with us that we are able to bring AJ and Jenna home in Dec, and not January.  With all of the holidays, there could be delays, or trouble booking travel.  We appreciate your prayers!
                                 We had fun at the park this morning.  Waid loved these girls!
                                          I turned around and he had already done this once!
                                                               Look at little miss A go!
                      These three got on top of the monkey bars, I think they are part monkey.
 We had all of our fun just in the nick of time, it is now raining, and the temp is supposed to drop
                     25 degrees, tomorrow's high is 57, it was 87 yesterday--only in Alabama.


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Very nice picture of all your kids. Pray you travel before the end of the year. Angie

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Love the new header picture. I havent commented on your blog in awhile but have been following. Sorry :( Just busy. So excited for all the great steps towards your getting your new littles home. ~Trina

  3. How exciting!! You guys are so close! And I love your new pic at the top with all your kids!!