God knows when we are at the end of our rope...

Stick with me here while I whine a bit; it is essential for you see the whole picture.
On Sunday evening, I baked 9 pizza's at 9pm....because our freezer was dying.  I checked the internet, and learned that most of the other food would be fine to re-freeze, and larger items were still solid.
So, Monday morning started with our deciding that buying a new freezer would be more cost effective tha paying a repairman $100 just to take a look.
I called around and found a scratch and dent model in Gadsden.  We have no truck or trailer, so the hour long procedure of removing seats from the van began.

Did I mention that DH has to go out of town, I have to wash, iron, and pack his clothes; among other things to get done today.  So DH heads off to Gadsden before lunch.

The freezer that died is not just an extra, it is THE freezer.  We thought we would put the new one in the laundry room, and leave the old one in place, and hope it can be repaired next year.
Of course it would not fit in the back door.

After the freezer was in place and had cooled a bit, we swapped things over.                         

We are returning to the dark ages of ice trays.

At least new freezer fit in the old space--sort of.  The handle is on the wrong side, and it is too tall to put the vent/trim kit back on across the top.  Since the old one was discontinued, it kind of ruined the look of my custom kitchen--that I waited 20 years for. 
The devil loves to mess with us during this point in adoption.  I wonder why we are even surprised by it.  Satan hates that God is using us.  I calculated our adoption costs wrong at last count--I forgot the last agency payment of over $2k
My big baby will not be able to come home from college this semester, due to projects and events he must attend.
Many things I have not shared, things have just been tough the past few weeks.  It's easy to second guess things, and have doubts about what we are doing.
God knows when we are at the end of our ropes, for us it was Monday.

Then I got a call.  A call that could have come any day last week, but it didn't, it came on Monday.
A sweet friend called to let me know, her family is giving us the funds that were raised for their adoption that did not work out. 
Although the family was heartbroken because their adoption did not work out, they want to help us. 
What a heart for orphans!  We are so thankful!

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  1. Wow!!!! This is just totally amazing. God is in control for sure.