Last zoo trip....

at least until next year--our passes expire Friday.  That is, unless they put us in a cage, have you ever seen such goofy faces?  At least Avery got it right.  Click http://5hurleykids.blogspot.com/2010/09/zoo-fun.html
to see the zoo pic from 1 year ago.

           The ONLY reason I took the elephant picture, is because DH was with us, and he made me. 
                                       Good grief, that Elephant can't even stand up straight.
 Why are these guys always strutting around the zoo, but you can never catch them with their pretty tailfeathers spread out?
                    Upclose of baby lions.  DH hates it when I zoom; we fight over the camera.
                                                             There were 5 in all.

 Waid had an appointment with his glaucome Dr. yesterday morning, so we packed a lunch and has this last oo trip afterwards.  Waid will have to have an exam under anesthesia on the 12th.  It has to be done a couple of times a year to check the shunts in his eyes, and measure the pressure.  Since he has nysatagmus (constant twitching of eyes), putting him under is the only way to get an accurate pressure reading, and see the back of his eyes.

 Emmi got done with her schoolwork first, and was playing around with one of Waid's cool school things.  She mad a cat--see the ears, the eyes are blue, nose and mouth red, and red whiskers sticking out all over=).
After an hour and a half--I am 1/2 way thru with the ironing.  72 pieces in all!  I had been ironing work clothes for DH as needed, and ironed my denim skirt a few times, other than that, I have been a huge ironing slacker!  There is a month's worth of church clothes;  I am supposed to be ironing every week--or at least that's what my chore schedule says.  We won't go into how many other things on the chore schedule have been neglected lately......

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  1. I have actually been keeping up with the ironing lately if you can believe it. Its all the other stuff that is not getting done on a regular basis. I love knowing that Mark's work clothes are done for the week and the boys church shirts are all hanging up nice and neat.