Busy and Blessed

Besides getting LOA this week, we were blessed to receive two grants, totalling $1400.  They are both from small town churches here in AL.  This impresses me, because they did not say "No, God, we can't help orphans, we are such a small church."  So even if they saved all year, and this is the only grant they have given; they have helped change 2 lives!
No amount is ever too small to help a need that God lays on your heart.
We made these fun pizza's; you add the ingredients in reverse, then dump it upside down after baking.

                                       The pizza's weren't especially pretty, but very yummy.
                     Emmi helped Waid color on this box, and pushed him around in his new "car."
             "Friends of the Library" had a sale.  There was a whole box of books from a former teacher. 
              When I got home, a paper fell out of one, and I discovered these books had all belonged to
                                      a girl I went to school with.  I got this box full for $16!
               And an answer to prayer came home from work with DH the other day (at 6am).  
                  A co-worker had 3 boys, who are now all grown.  He gave us thier furniture!
                                      It is solid pine, and the heaviest stuff in our whole house!
                                 The transformation begins, but we were only given 1 mattress.
                                       We were able to sell the 2 queen beds and headboards,                            
                                     and have enough money to buy the other 2 mattresses today.
                            One side rail was missing from the set, DH has to build that next week,
                                                        so Waid's mattress is on the floor.
 The finished product will take a while.  Unfortunately, the old headboards hung on the wall, and there are 12 large screwholes in the wall to prove it.  Also, the letters will be moved, leaving more holes.  Luckily I have almost a whole gallon of the paint leftover.  Patching and re-painting the 1 wall is not something I look forward to....at least it is not the whole room.  I probably will not hang the letters back up until we return from China, and we are sure where everyone is sleeping.  We plan to put AJ on top--but you never know.
                We have also had a playdate with 2 China friends, and had a nature walk with daddy.      
                                Since we have had such a busy week, my house is a wreck,
                              and all these clothes have to be ironed....want to come help???


  1. Loved visiting your site!! :) Congrats on the LOA!!!! YEAH!!!! Can't wait to see your family grow.

  2. Good night! I don't iron anything - ever! I'm doing good to hang it :)

  3. So excited for you and praising the Lord for your LOAs, grants, furniture, wow!!! Hoping you get to go before the end of the year!