It has been so hot, we haven't taken advantage of our passes like we should.  I'm voting for McWain Center (science exploration center) for next year's passes.

                                                  Does his chiropractor know he does this??
 The zoo is fun, but bittersweet too.  The giraffe was one of the animals Waid could actually see.
 Kristen met us there...I can't believe I have an -almost- 20 year old daughter.......aren't I still 20?
 Blurred--but this tiger walked right across the glass front of the enclosure--Waid saw it=).
 The petting zoo is great, but has my kids a bit confused.  Yesterday, I asked them to draw/write in their journal, something fun about the zoo......all 3 drew red barns and farm animals.
 We had to cut the zoo visit short, because rain was moving in.  We ate our picnic lunch in the van.  Since DH was sleeping off the night shift, we did not want to go home.  SO we went to thrift store=)
 Brand new Croc mary-jane's for $4.99.  Kristen asked what sizes to look for in the clothes.  When I said 4-8, she asked who was what size.  I said, it doesn't matter, with 6 kids to buy for, it will fit someone eventually.
 Kelly's Kids $45 dress, brand new, for a few dollars.....it will coordinate with the purple toile dress I made for Jenna a few weeks ago.
Boy's Bass shoes, $4.  I also got Kristen a pair of shoes, 3 Abeka reading books, a Laura Ashley dress, and some Children's Place skirts.
DH is through with the night shifts for a while----wooohooo!  Life can return to normal next week.

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  1. Woo-Hoo for the thrift store finds. The dress looks so pretty.

    We still haven't made it to the zoo. Now I am waiting for the weather to cool.