Outside Fun

It's still HOT!!
                                                     We stayed cool with pellet ice to crunch on. 
                    DH brings it home from work sometimes.  We get so excited over little treats=).

                                             The kids washed every available outside toy.
                                  Emmi told me "thank you moma, this is the best day ever!"
                          I washed the van....which, I am sad to say,  only happens a few times a year.
                       I  usually bribe the college boy into washing the cars when he is home.
                                                           I even washed DH's car.
                              After everything was clean, we swam.  Then checked out the garden.
Pretty pathetic-huh?  Each child got 1 bite of carrot.  That is a 12" tile.  Who knows, maybe the seeds were for a small breed of carrots.   Anyway we had plenty of squash (which we do not eat much), and a  fair amount of cherry tomatoes.  We had tons of watermelon, but they all split, now we have 1 nice one that survived, hopefully we will eat it next week.  Looks like we need to rethink our garden stategies for next year.

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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Kids sure have a lot of neat riding toys. Fun!