Odds and ends

Despite Avery's many mental and developmental labels, she has always been amazing at puzzles. 
She has such patience.
This one had 100 pretty small pieces, and they all look so much the same.
It's pretty awesome to watch her, when so many professionals are telling us what she CAN'T do.

In other news:
Praise God we got our tax refund!! Finally!!
Now we can breathe a sigh of relief and know that Jenna and AJ's adoption is almost funded.
We haven't crunched numbers yet, but it looks like we are within a few thousand dollars of the total--God will provide, we have seen it over and over.
OH---and today I got a letter from the IRS, stating that our case had been released and we would get our refund in 6-8 weeks......the letter was printed on Monday....we got the refund last Wed.
Boy are they on top of things!, and I will refrain from going on and on about all the other mis-information we have recieved over the past 6 months.

DH has to work 14 straight 12 hour shifts, half of them nightshifts.
I am very thankful that DH has a wonderful job that he enjoys, however, it is hard when
the work hits all at once.

Waid and Avery had check-ups....Waid weighs 34 pounds, and Avery is 36.
Waid is 43.5" tall, Avery is 44" tall.
Our Dr. is not concerned over Avery's small size, as she is growing slowly, but steadily.
She was, however, anemic, so now she's on vitamins.

We are hoping to get LOA soon. 
 I have the immigration paperwork ready and waiting, all 972 pages of it--maybe I am exaggerating.  

AND finally.....I was asked this week (about the kids)........
"do they have a special diet--I mean don't they have to eat alot of rice?"
The person who said this was dead serious!
Have a happy week=)


  1. A lot of rice! Hilarious! We eat a lot of rice around here, and I don't consider that special????

    Yeah for the tax refund!

  2. rice...really??? LOL. I sooo relate to the hubby work schedule thing. Much is the same frequently on our end. So proud of Avery!!! Congrats on the taxes! How much are you needing to raise? Trina

  3. Congratulations on the belated refund.

    Our son has a classmate whose mother is very challenged and she was adopted. Her mother told me that when they were debating adopting her, and she was worried about all the obstacles the doctors said she'd face, her husband said-Look, that (evaluation) can either be your Bible, or you can burn it. And they decided to "burn it". As I said, she has definite disabilities but she also has a husband, home, and two children who are perfectly fine.


  4. OMW,,catching up on everything again and almost choked on the rice comment. I can just imagine the look you gave that person and the reply in your head..b/c surely you didn't say it out loud!!! hahahaha..ignorant..people are just ignorant!