No LOA,  nada, nothing.
Really nothing else going on either.  Just trying to hold it together as DH finishes up his weeks of 12 hour shifts.
My kids have watched too much TV, and I have needed naps, but haven't gotten them.

                                  Waid has been home 1 year this week, and Avery 3 years. 
                                               They were adopted 3 years and 3 days apart.
Lest you think I've been busy smocking....let me tell you, I took this smocking insert with me to China last August.  I just finished the dress this week.  Since it is a simple design, I thought I would smock on the plane, since I never sleep very much in flight.  What I discovered was, that without 3 or 4 children in tow, I COULD actually sleep on a plane.  Then the dress took a backseat to other things.  I am not crazy about it.  A whole bolt of the fabric was given to me.  I am thankful for that, but just couldn't find anything that went well with it, other than the fairly boring farm.  Where you see the white plaid, there are gold, orange and red threads along the edge of the white. 
Anywhoooooo, hoping life gets back to normal this next week,,,,,and that we get LOA!!


  1. A boring farm! girl, it would take me four years to finish that!

    You could come visit me, scratch that, I've got no AC, can I come visit you? :)

  2. Hope that your loa comes in soon!!! I love the smock!!!

  3. I like the dress...I looked at it close-up and I think you did a great job matching the fabric with something. It looks great!

    Nothing much happening here either...but we did get our refund...I am VERY thankful for that!