Much excitement...not

No LOA, No tax refund, so I thought I'd tell my huge fan base about last week's deal.
This rice is the best I have found, most like Chinese rice, with no special appliances.  The 5lb bag is $6, the 20lb bag is $11---a definate no brainer.  Here is how I store 20lbs of rice.  The big ones go in the laundry room, the little one, in the pantry, with recipe attached.  FYI--I use the recipe from the 5lb bag (before I discovered the 20lb bag), for some reason they are different.

 I always get burger meat at Sam's.  But last week they were out, except for the huge tubes.  I almost did not even look at it, figuring it would be the 80/20.  But to my surprise, it was the 90/10, which is what we buy.  Even better, I checked the sign where the styrofoam trays of meat usually are, and the tubes are actually 24 cents cheaper per pound....a savings of $2.40 for the 10lbs.
 DH has some special diet needs, and all these Asian kids do not tolerate cow's milk well, so we drink Silk.  It is a bit pricey, though.  So when I spotted these coupons on the coupon clippers site, I calculated the expiration date, that we use about 8 per week, and took into consideration that the exp dates on Silk are about a month out on average......so I ordered 80 coupons.
I knew Publix runs a 2/$5 special every few weeks....so I waited.  The special appeared in the paper last week!  We now have 51 half gallons of Silk in the house!  AND rainchecks good til the end of August, so I will be able to use the other coupons.  I figure I will have Silk through October.....for less than the price of cow's milk
And I am very thankful for the overtime DH got, which enabled me to stock up.

 This may not thrill you, but it did thrill me.....I SAVED more than I spent.  This was for....
4 silks (got rainchecks that day)
4 pkg gogurts
2 pkg ziploc bags
4 pkg granola bars
18 boxes of cereal
18 boxes pop tarts
I'd say we're set for breakfasts for a while, and the week before they had Eggo waffles on special, we got those too=).
If your interested to know...I do not hoard items, like a years worth of deodorant, or 20 bottles of pepto, like you see on those coupon shows.  The fartherest ahead I buy, is about 3-4 months.  After all, there WILL be more sales, and I do not have the storage space to hoard.  And just my opinion, but those shows are ridiculous....in that they buy tons of stuff....but what are they going to have for dinner????  20 bottles of pepto and 50 bottles of mustard??  Sure, they are saving alot of money, but not really buying  "real" groceries.


  1. Girl, you REALLY inspire me! I want to save with coupons so badly but have such a hard time...mainly because it seems like all the coupons I see are for things we don't use/consume (and like you said, I'm NOT going to hoard gobs of stuff and not have a decent dinner!)

    Do you always order coupons online or do you also clip them from the Sunday paper?

    And good to know about the Sam's hamburger! I usually wait until the grocery store runs it on sale but it's really good to know that those tubes are lower in fat AND a good price. I will buy that next time!

  2. Amazing Janet! So smart to think about the Silk coupons and to think that far ahead.

  3. Totally agree about the hoarding. I like to be prepared but can't stand to feel like the stocked up stuff is consuming my space or
    budget and leaving no room for tomorrow night's supper.