Super Saturday--new pics

          AJ is on the left, he will be 9 next week--gulp--he was 7 when we met him.
He is in an excellent group home, but all of the big kids have been adopted, and everyone else is 3yo or younger.  Not only will he be thrilled to get a family soon, but to get around peeps closer to his age.
 These are his KungFu moves, I think one of the male volunteers at the home is actually teaching him some real KungFu, he's not just playing.
 His school class (I think the for 11 months, all but August), went to the beach!  He was very excited about clams and the waves, so it must have been a real beach, not a man-made one like we have at some of our state parks on lakes or rivers.  The only thing I can figure--is they went to Tianjin (where Waid is from).  It is a port city, and is a 30 minute ride on the fast train.  Does anyone else know where he would have gone??-he's in Beijing.
They say he is a sweetheart and is a big help with the younger kids.  I do not know if we will get Birthday pics next week, but this is certainly good enough=).
And since I have kept you posted on all of our Birthdays this month--Jake's was this week.
My little tiny baby---haha--he was 10 lbs, 23 inches----and sunny side up thank you very much--, turned 18!!

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  1. These are great pictures, and with so many different poses :)