MORE Birthdays

                                         Avery and I had a birthday this week, on the same day.
When we were looking for our daughter 4.5 years ago, the birthday was one of the reasons we knew she was ours.  She has been home almost 4 years now, has blossomed and overcome so many obstacles.
 After much testing, the public school would have her in special-ed class-- all day long, not integrated into a regular classroom.  Yet, in our homeschool, she is finishing up her ABeka K5 books.  Quite impressive, since Abeka is ahead of public school curriculum, by most standards, and since Avery is turning 6.  So she would be among the youngest in her class at public school, with a birthday only weeks before the cutoff.  Yet she is academically ahead of those public school kids.  This isn't a post for homeschool and against public school; just a reference point to say how well she is doing.

                       Somehow making your own birthday cake has become a big deal in our family.
                                              I'm not sure when it even started, but we like it=).
Avery is the smallest (not youngest), sweetest princess in our family.  Too bad my computer battery is running low and I do not have time to tell you how old I am=).


  1. Happy Birthday Janet and Avery!

  2. So proud of her! And her family for their dedication! :-)

    My July birthday girl made her own cake, too. Very convenient! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday girls!

  4. Happy Birthday to both of you! Age becomes irrelevant eventually, right? She's doing so well academically-you must be very proud of her.