As promised

                                     I told you I would show you the finished product this week!
                                      I will go back and take in the sleeve opening, it's a bit large.
        It's a bit large overall, but as much work as go into these dresses, I want it to fit as long as possible.
                                  I haven't made a bishop in over a year, so I was glad this turned out well.
 Here is my other creation.  It will be monogrammed in a golden/yellow to match the buttons and ribbon trim.
                                                 This dress will just go in the closet for now.                                                                                  If if fits Jenna, I'll monogram her name on it, if not, Avery will get it.
                          And with all of this sewing, do you think any school work is getting done?
           Does writing Chinese characters with your snack count??  Wes says this is the character for 8.....


  1. Looks like both you and Wes are very creative!


  2. Great job on the dresses and I love Wes' character! wow.