This week in pics

                                     The kids have been mesmorized,

                                                         by this.
 Not ours, though=(, we helped out a friend who had an emergency, for  a couple of days.
                              She makes all of my little people look....SO BIG!

 After baby left today, I cut about 3" off of the girls hair, I love little girls with a bob.
We have 2 baby bunnies in our yard, this one would fit in my hand. We see the mama eat breakfast and dinner almost every day, as we are eating ours.

Still no LID, boo hoo hoo.


  1. Sorry that you are still waiting for a LID, but it looks like you've got plenty to keep you busy!


  2. Oh so sorry about no LID. But at least you have been occupied with some serious cuteness-your kiddos, the baby, and the bunnies!

    I have some yard sale stuff for you. I am still collecting though. Let me know if you are having the yard sale soon and I'll get it to you now though.

  3. Hey friend, just caught up on your blog! Wow you have been busy. We just got back from 8 days of camping...it was H O T! I am still tired. I am so shocked you still don't have LID. This is crazy!
    lv ya