Still here

Not alot going on here, alot of heat though...90's for the second week.  We really do not mind it when we're at home, working in the yard, etc....but on errand day--yuck.
Today's errands included a thrift store, my kind of fun.  You know I like to smock and make the girls dresses--matching.  I've never been one to spend money on matching t-shirt, we just do not wear t-shirts often.  But with soon to be 6 tikes in tow, I was thrilled to find these.

 The 2nd set aren't exact matches, but they are from the same place, and all the shirts are new--for 99 cents each.  I came home and googled Dale Hollow Lake, just to make sure I wasn't dressing my kids in nudist colony apparel or something...it's a big bass fishing state park near Nashville.  I also found these cute boys shoes, Jumping Jacks no doubt, and not a scratch on them, $3!
 My DH made my day earlier this week with this Mexican Petunia plant.  I had some at all 3 houses in Montgomery, and loved it, now I finally have it here....even if it's a little wilty from the trauma of it's transplant and the purple flowers fell off...it will bloom again...all summer long.
This little guy--key word little, had to get a bone scan today.  Although he has grown a smidge since his last Dr., visit, he is not even on "the chart".  He is 7 this month, weighs 38lbs.,  is 43" tall, and wears 4T. Avery and Waid are the same height and all within 4lbs. of each other, but they are both 5.  He does have hypothyroidism, which does come with growth problems sometimes; we will see in about a week.


  1. Love the finds! Matching is always fun!

    I know you are eager to hear the results on the bone scan. Hope it shows good news.

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    we dont have very good thrift stores back home. Im so happy you do and you got some great deals to boot!!!


  3. I didn't own a t-shirt until 7th grade and didn't realize it until I started admiring the ones that other girls had. So that next summer, I bought a t-shirt at every fair I went to. Now, I almost never wear them, but I love "creating" them with the kids (you know, white undershirts dyed, decorated, etc.)

    Hope you get the LID soon.


  4. Do nudist colonies sell promotional clothing?

    And...my Sarah Ying will be 7 in 3 months now. She is 44 inches tall and weighs 37 lbs. She is mostly in 5/6's but needs the adjustable waistbands. We did the bone scan...it said her age was more or less correct. And never found anything on any of her bloodwork.


  5. Um-yeh, I guess nudist would not sell t-shirts, would they? But I bet you laughed=)