Catching up, part 1

Emmi lost her front tooth.
 DH had a business trip--the 1st one in 4 years that we have been able to join him on, we stopped by to see Jake on the way, and meet some of his friends.

 Can you guess where the business trip was?? Sandestin--WOOHOO, it was totally free--double WOOHOO!!!!!
 Emmi is a natural in the water.  And even though DH was stuck in classes, and never even saw the beech, we had fun!
 Waid did this.....the whole time.
 Avery was having fun, cautiously enough that I could trust her not to go too far.
 Upon arrival, and instructions, Wes immediately followed Emmi into the water; he thinks he can do whatever she can do.Except, Wes had never been to the beach, and didn't have a clue about the waves.  After filling up 1 lung with salt water, this is as far in as he would go the rest of the day.
See, I told you Waid did this all day.  After several attempts I did get him to go in the water toe deep, and that was enough for him.  Really, it was good that Waid stayed put, and Wes gained a fearful appreciation for the water (and being obedient to mom's instruction)--the lessons learned best are often learned the hard way...and mind you, I was alone on the beach with 4 kids.

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  1. You're one brave Mama! I love your sense of humor with the whole thing...lol