Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for ALL of my children.
Kristen recently pointed out that she is not on our blog much....well, if she'd come by more often.........
The other day she brought her dog Sammi to see the kids.

Emmi had fun with her.

                                        Waid thought seeing a dog was neat, from a distance.
What Sammi lacks in manners, she makes up for in fur....it was everywhere

Kristen is a team leader at a fast food place.....she usually works early mornings; which I find quite humorous, since this girl could sleep all day.
She works and lives about an hour away.  She is also getting all of her paperwork in place to start school again at the local Jr. college.
Maybe Sammi should go to school too=)

PS-Avery was asleep, and Wes wanting nothing to do with Sammi, who knocked him down and licked him several months ago.


  1. Very nice pictures Janet. Emmi's grown so much and Kristen looks great. Oh and your yard looks nice and green.

  2. Our big kids are not fond of being on the blog but tolerate it!! Our Katie has started her own blog and even has a thankful Thursday post (which of course thrilled me to pieces!)!

    I love it and the littles love when the big kids stop over!!