Misc pics

Crazy hair, goofy face, but this is Waid's 1st time "scribbling" with his Braille writer.
 These pics are form the past few weeks.
 Wes in an Elephant mask.
 Avery is a tiger.  They played with these cardboard masks for 2 days straight!
 And Waid was amused for hours with an egg carton after we went to Sam's.  He still does that "Chinese squat".
 I do not think we will ever have another pic where everyone is looking as smiling at once.
 We'll just have to take what we can get.  I made these dresses and outfit for Wes, before we knew we were getting Waid.  Now Waid is wearing it, it still fits Wes, but the navy pants did not fit Waid.
Here is last year's pic in these outfits.
While you're looking--do you like Avery's hair longer or in the bob??


  1. Okay, the outfits are adorable. I like the bob, but she is a cutie-pie anyway!

  2. The bob is cute! ... but her hair grows so fast. The solution is a ponytail :)

  3. Well, she looks older with the longer hair...but I love a bob! I am growing SY's hair out for the last time! My oldest daughter always gives me a hard time...just when SY's hair is getting long, I cave and cut it off in a bob again. But this time I am sticking to it! She will be 7 in Sept. and needs to look her age so people don't treat her like a toddler (tough one due to the language issues.) And she will have long hair so I can put it all up in a ponytail for convenience.

  4. I like the bob, too.


  5. We go short and long, short and long. What I love about the long hair on Avery is what I see in Julianna when hers is long. It has a feminine quality that reveals a softness in her personality that the bob doesn't show. The bob is cute! So, I think it all depends on seasons and stages in life :)